The City of Misfit Toys

I suppose the best way to describe Berlin is, a place where you are nobody, so you can be anybody.

I feel here more (comfortably) myself than I have felt in any other place before, including the States. I know, blasphemy! Maybe I’m naive in assuming there is no other place quiet as special as here. I haven’t been everywhere, but what I feel here is something I haven’t felt in a while- like staying.

Berlin has it’s scars. Proudly posed around every street corner-  buildings, accents and remnants of the wall that once tore the city in two. Reminders are not hard to find about what was once. But these physical sights are not really what gives this city it’s unique energy. This place is a living, breathing, pulsing exhibition with the angst of the past fueling the present search for innovation and a renewed sense of purpose. It sort of feels like the city of misfit toys if all the misfit toys wore black and had multiple face piercings. Everyone is welcome, just don’t smile too much.

Image result for island of misfit toys meme

It is easy to get lost here in more than a physical way. With so many ways to go, how do you find yours?  Luckily here, you don’t really have to choose. To say there is something for everyone is an understatement. There is something for everyone- and then something that you didn’t even know you wanted.

Berlin’s population has also skyrocketed over the past couple of years, making it a city of newbs (to the dismay of Berliners). Not only is there a lot to do, but you’ll easily be able to find someone willing to help you find your way ( unless you are at the Ausländerbehörde) . You’ll meet a lot of people with the same story, “looking for a change”. And of course, as a newb you’re a little desperate to establish a connection to the city and make friends at first. Whether its through Meetup groups, clubs, bars or Tinder dates- you’ll find friends fast… or at least acquaintances.

My path to finding friendship here has been paved with absolute gems for people. I was lucky that all the flatmates I’ve had since I’ve been here have been phenomenal, so fast friends! I also reached out to Meetup groups and met a couple of great girls through Girls Gone International.

As for finding work, once again the lucky streak continued. I landed some gigs helping out at the Berlin Beer Academy, which led to me meeting the wonderful crew at Vagabund Brauerei where I sling beers a couple nights a week. I’m not making it rain, but it’s enough to get by and my co-workers/bosses are the coolest. Which brings me to my next point…

Berlin is cheap cheap cheap.

Well, obvi it depends on where you go. However, you can easily find rent between 250-350 a month (utilities included). It is painfully difficult to find housing here, and you will likely move a couple times. Buuut on the plus side, you meet lots of cool people along the way 🙂

So if you feel like you “need a change”, ” find your place, or ” escape Trump”…



xx Carrie


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