My Favorite (Non-German) Things in Munich

Sure, Munich is the essential German city. Iconic for the Oktoberfest, postcards of Lederhosen clad men and busty women in Dirndls riddle the shops. You are never far away from a biergarten and the architecture is something from a fairytale. Around Christmas time, the Weihnachtsmarkts fill the city squares with smells of roasted nuts, happy people buzzed off glühwein, and wurst of every shape and size. (sausage).12020488_10205111953584097_343445228_o

While the wurst is delicious and the gluhwein does the trick any time of day, after 12 consecutive days of it I needed a little break. City break please.






While on the bus from Ulm, images of burritos and salsa danced in my head. I have yet to have decent Mexican food in Bavaria, but I forgive them given the distance from Mexico. Still, this was urgent. My (German) friend and I did the typical millennial google, ” Best                  in                  ” . Because we only  want the best. We googled, discussed, wandered, and found.  Thus, this set the tone for the weekend….



1.El Gordo Loco


A place you won’t find unless you look for it. Cozy atmosphere, solid selection of burritos, tacos, latin specialties and REAL tortilla chips.

Relatively good prices for portions and the staff was super friendly. We happened to be there on a young ladies Quince celebration, so we were also serenaded with some live hispanic tunes.


2.Vorhoelzer Forum
12295250_10205471068641749_9164841012929575863_nNot sure if this is necessarily “un- German”, but it’s not a biergarten, bierhalle or Oktoberfest tent so it was a nice change in scenery.

This place is part of one of the TU Munich campuses. Take the elevator or work off the pretzels on the stairs up to the top floor, you have a small cafe with a massive rooftop patio. They are your typical cafe fair with music and a large crowd on sunny days.


3.LeDu Happy Dumplings

In the madness of devouring these little satchels of heaven I forgot to take a picture…

The shop has a simple and modern look. Small and usually busy, but if there are no spots then you can always take away. The ingredients are Bio and the dumplings (jiao zi) are super authentic. After my time in China years ago, this is the closest I’ve come to the real thing.

Go, now. This place rocks.

4.Turkish Market Verdi

Germany has a massive Turkish population. It’s influences are evident everywhere, kebab anyone? My friend, Clara, had spent some time in Turkey so she introduced me to her favorite Turkish Market in the City. She is originally from Berlin, so her affinity for a good Turkish market is strong.

This market had a great selection of produce, cheeses, olives, spices and bread ( if you get there early enough). Being that Munich is the most expensive city in Germany, buying quality foods in the city can take a toll on the wallet. The prices here were significantly lower without much sacrifice for quality. There are many markets along the same street, but this one was definitely the busiest, and for good reason.

5. Biervana

Bavaria takes their beer very seriously, not all beer… their beer. Anything that goes beyond their German ” Beer Purity” Law, the Reinheitsgebot, isn’t even allowed to be called beer.

However, thank tha lawd, times are changing and so are tastes. Biervana provides access to beers from all over the world, giving hop heads like me a little slice of heaven. The shop is pretty small, but packed with delicious brews!



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  1. didn’t know they had a Turkish community. going there this summer


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