Allgäu Autumn Ride

This past weekend a friend of mine and I headed down to Pfronten and Fussen to check out the mountain foliage. The area around the Upper Swabia region and down into the top of German/Austria border is called the Allgäu, and the landscapes are absolutely incredible. We took the train from Ulm to Kempten, then rode our bikes the 30 km to Pfronten through rolling hills and countryside. Much of the ride was charming, with expansive green hills, farm houses and chiming cow bells. The signage for cyclists and hikers is on point in Germany and many times looking at nav on your phone can actually lead you to the more unsafe roads to ride.

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We arrived in Pfronten mid-afternoon and promptly warmed up with a bowl of soup and a 0.5 L of local brew. Being Bavaria, most things are closed besides restaurants and cafes on the weekends. The fogginess hid the views of the mountains in the distance, but we were still able to catch glimpses of the rocky edges and fresh fall colors that contrasted against grey skies. We were meaning to catch the Cyclocross race hosted by Crema Cycles for their annual Crosstoberfest celebration, but rolled into town just a bit too late. Even though we missed out on the race, we still were happy to partake in the evening shenanigans that included a delicious dinner, live music, BEER, and best of all- great conversations.

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We were planning on riding to Füssen that night, but it was a bit late and we had consumed our fare share of beer… so we were grateful to hitch a ride with guys from the shop. If you find yourself traveling near Pfronten and have any sort of appreciation for cycling/ beautiful handmade bikes then I would definitely stop in to see Ken at Crema! 

We stayed at a hostel in town for the night and woke up early the next morning to check out the Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein) and the epic scenery around the city. Again.. it was foggy, so the views of the castle are less than ideal. Really though the best part was the hike to the castle and the walk back down the trails. The changing leaves were close to peak and the air was clean and crisp.

12116485_10205208445316330_82769914_o 12165341_10205208444756316_1668271507_o 12164595_10205208668921920_493976510_o

We rode back to Pfronten along the river and dipped into the top of Austria, following a trail that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Mountains were jutting up from all around us, but we were able to follow a nice path in the valley, so there was minimal climbing. Usually I’d totally be up for a good climb, but seeing as I’m riding a city bike (fit with a basket and all), the climbs didn’t appeal as much. Maybe next time.


We arrived back in Pfronten around 1pm and had some Goulash before hopping on the train back to Ulm. All in all, was a great weekend getaway! Highly recommended area to visit in any season.


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