Rad What?

Greetings! Hoping not to set your expectations too high, I am a low maintenance traveler with an affinity for bikes, good beer, and great company. At the ripe age of 23, my experiences have ranged from stays at Chateaus in the south of France to eating boiled cucumbers and rice in a Thai Prison. More about that later. I hope you find some value in these little anecdotes. I know sometimes I find the most honest information is fairly unlikely places. I’d say if you’ve stumbled upon this blog and have no idea who I am… then this would be considered an unlikely place.

Currently I am residing in Germany and working my way through this stint of travel as an Au Pair for a wonderful family in UlmUlm is located in the Southwest of Germany in the state of Baden Wurttemberg. It is best known as the birthplace of Albert Einstein and the home to the tallest church steeple in the world. It also has the tallest grain silo, however it’s may also be the ugliest in the world… so no one really talks about it much.

Because I fear the words  “wander”, “lust”, or “nomad” have been exhausted , I chose Rad Way for a couple of reasons. I was initially inspired by the fact that here in Germany a bike path is called a “Radweg”. Rad = bike, way = weg. HOW convenient is that. Since cycling is my preferred method of moving, the name seemed fitting.

As for me, you can check out this bio page if you really want to know more about my background. I’ll try to not go off on romanticized tangents in my posts…however in the grime of backpacking and budget travel, those moments of utter perfection are what bring light to darker, less talked about times in traveling. Like Thai prison.


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